About Us

mykidsWe mums, always looking to spend time with the family, keeping them all together. I personally believe mothers are the glue of a family but let’s not make the whole blog about appreciating motherhood and give fathers a little credit that they deserve.

Wait, let me introduce myself. Hi, I am Stephanie, wife and mother of three who loves wine, clothes and a quick getaway. Did I mention I am a teacher? I always wanted to be a freelance writer and am finally pursuing my dream. This blog is about the finer things in life. My family is going through changes now and here I will be writing about them.

Being parents is all about making hard decisions and what is most necessary is to take them together with your family. Thankfully, my husband and kids are all willing and we will go through any changes life throws our way together.

Let me tell you about my family. My husband, Dan, and I have been in a relationship ever since we were 19 and been married for 12 years now. He is an Assistant Head teacher in a local secondary school and his hours are pretty much crazy. This is why sometimes I have to make up for his absence.

My oldest girl, Kim is 15 and is passionate about dancing and hockey. Other likes include chocolate and her hair.
My boy, Tyler is 10 and is very expressive, stubborn, bright and a little careless. He has a strong dislike for Hayfever and loves Aston Villa.

Bravery takes its human form in my daughter Ella. She is 5 and has made it through 7 surgeries and spend months in painful spica casts. She was born with hip dysplasia and also suffers from asthma. Due to hypermobility she is extra bendy. Would you believe she is about to start school now? That’s my brave baby girl!