Freebie websites – My Top 6

The internet is filled with freebie sites some to help you save money, but some are better than the rest. Below is the list of our best five with good and bad point about each of them.

Britons enjoy a bargain and that’s the reason internet is filled with organizations and people offering to give away things for free online.

To help you identify the websites that are not so great, we have listed our favorites below – with goods and bads of each.

Initially established in the United States, Freecycle is one of the largest freebie sites on the web with approximately eight million members around the globe. British members can surf groups representing the different districts all around the UK, to locate the sellers closest to them. Members on the site can post “Wanted” ads as well as “Offers”.


  • It’s a free cycle is a nonprofit company which targets to lessen landfills by encouraging the users to give their things away in spite of throwing them away.
  • Due to the large number of member, there is huge selection of items on offer, from furniture and electrical items to kitchen utensils and baby toys. You can look for other groups that are not available in your locality to see what they have to offer, but in the event of you requesting something, make sure you will be able to pick up the item.
  • It is a free account creation; all that is required of you is an email id and password or a Facebook account.


  • A lot of their posts don’t have pictures available with the description so members have to go all the way to owner’s property to see if the product is to their liking.
  • The website is provided by Yahoo for free implying that it profits from advertising on the sites. The advertisements are not that annoying but they are noticeable.

This rival to Freecycle, Freegle was established in 2009 as has lesser member – approximately two million and in turn lesser items on offer. Anyhow, the site is well developed easy to browse and members can check the number of people in their area group, how many messages have been posted on the group page in the previous week and the very part of the district group encompasses.


  • Freegle has been awarded numerous ties for its environmental initiatives.
  • Freegle advertises its newest offers on their Twitter page as well which has more than 5000 followers.


  • You must have a Yahoo or Google account or you will need to register via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Some group membership needs an approval, lessening the time spent of Freebie browsing.

Many people know about Gumtree. This site is very much like eBay, in that members can put items to purchase and sell, from cars, properties, electrical items and clothes. Members can also look for employments or pets on the website.



  • You can find everything on Gumtree. Presently on sale are some broken slabs, a double mattress, an hour long violin performance for a wedding and a life size Ryan Gosling cardboard cutout.
  • You don’t have to create the account to use the site. You can see what’s the offer, approach the seller directly and arrange the pickup from there.


  • You always have to collect the item yourself which is irritating at times.
  • The website is loaded with advertisements and sponsored links so users should avoid those.


  • Dissimilar to the above mentioned websites, FreebiesiteUK provides samples, vouchers and freebies from organizations rather than general public. Freebies range from gardening seeds to baby starter kids and calendars.
  • User can also choose to subscribe to website’s newsletter to be up to speed with the latest freebies on offer.
  • The website also gives information on the newest free competitions, in-store special offers which are displayed alongside offer details.


  • A lot of offers are only accessible when accessed through Facebook.

Another sample site Freebiersclub provides free food bits, makeup sample and free music download.


  • Clicking on the freebie link will redirect you to the organization’s page so are not required to sign up on the host’s webpage.


  • The site still displays some expired offers.
  • Once more, a lot of offers are only accessible with Facebook.

Another free stuff site, WOW FreeStuff is full of lots of different offers, mainly to free baby stuff, kids free stuff, free makeup samples and much more.



  • A huge range of freebies, as its constantly updated daily.
  • Very easy to browse free stuff
  • Lots of free competitions


  • Displays ads
  • Does not removed expired offers

How I Saved This Week!

savedthisweekI use to shop to my heart’s content and spoil myself rotten. Well that was when I was a teacher and not a freelancer. Ever since the shift, impulse purchases had to be cut back to nil and necessities had to be controlled and moderated (yay adulthood). But the thing is now that I am a stay-at-home mom, having quit my day job; I do not want my children to think of me differently. I made the decision to be home and available for them.

So if you know me by now and how I have had to change, my new mantra is to get more value for money than spent. And since my schedule has opened up, I have time to find all the alternatives and cost cutting ideas I want. One ideal way is to look for deals in different stores. So anyway, let’s look at how I saved up this week alone.

1. I went to a charity shop and found this fabulous denim skirt from Warehouse. It was priced at £4.50 and the retail price for a new one could easily be £25. Awesome save, eh?

2. Ever got to a restaurant for an eat out and do not think the cleanliness standards are up to the mark? Next time, do not simply ignore it and avoid visiting it again. I sent an email to a department store and shared my concerns. They soon refunded me for the disappointment.

3. You know one of those mystery shops? Yeah, I did one of those and got free shampoo in return and also got paid for answering their questionnaire.

4. This one is tedious. I sorted out Ella’s wardrobe and the time taken was worth it. Usually I give the stuff to charity but if I come across any designer clothes, then I take it to Ebay and sell them. If it doesn’t sell, then charity shop it is.

I know it probably doesn’t sound like much but I did save £45 and anything I get from the Ebay sell. All this without calculating the Tesco 7pm bargain!

Why Learn A Language Before Travel?

Learning a second language is always fun and you never know when it might come in handy. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t go to waste and it makes for one interesting thing on your resume. New opportunities could open up for you, not only in your professional life but also your personal life.

You can pursue careers in translation from one language to another or there are always agencies available to guide you what to do with your talents.

People also learn a different language as a hobby and enjoy it. And what’s not to enjoy? You can make more friends and maybe even have a pen pal someday. But it comes in most handy when you travel to some foreign country and you know the local language to help you. I don’t mean recite the local poetry or anything, but a few words or sentences

can help you with these 5 things:

Meet new people

You speaking the local language can help you befriend the locals. They find pride in the fact and may be more hospitable towards you. You might even make a friend for life!

See and explore more

Yes, tour guides are available everywhere and speak English too but wouldn’t it be more adventurous to find your way on your own in an unfamiliar town. Gave me an adrenaline rush right there. You can communicate with the locals and find about the hidden treasures and adventures the town has to offer.

In case of emergency

Always remember, better safe than sorry. We normally don’t consider this when departing on a vacation but accidents can happen and emergencies can knock the door anytime, anywhere. Knowing the local language can help tackle situations like this a bit better.

Understand the culture

I don’t know about you, but if I am traveling to a foreign place I like to know as much as I can about its culture. They say knowing a second language is like possessing another soul. I do believe words have that kind of power. You can connect with locals and learn about their culture, history and concepts of life. Sometimes an experience like this can be life affirming.


Frugal alert! I do love to bargain and bargaining in another language is just so much more fun. If you are visiting a country where bargaining is a norm like Thailand then knowing the language will prevent you from being ripped off. Negotiating prices is a norm and usually expected.

.And there you have it folks, 5 reasons why learning a second language can be useful. Well, here is number 6: it’s just cool. So please share your experiences and tell me if you ever needed to know the language on one of your vacations.

Should 15/16 Year Olds Work?

As a mother, we are all worries when it comes to our children’s future. So naturally a career and education are huge parts. But recently, I have been solely thinking if teenagers should have jobs. I remember when I was in my early teens I worked Saturdays at a cafe for £2.20 per hour. At the end of the day, I felt like the richest person on the planet (excuse this, I was young and naive).

Anyway, my best friend did the job with me and when we would get our pay, we would celebrate by going to Top Shop and spoiling ourselves. Good old day, eh? Although I had hobbies which were not compromised. I still played hockey over the weekends.

The second job was basic admin work at a family friend’s garage. Besides the admin, I made litres of tea for everyone. My biggest responsibility at that job was doing audit work. I’ll be honest here- I didn’t understand the nuts and bolts and other car parts so there is a chance the stock count wasn’t accurate. But everything was well organized so all’s well when it ends well.

Before I started at university, I had one more job which I particularly loved more. I was working at a care home and my job was to make tea for everyone after the chef was off-duty. I made friends with a few old people and liked working there more than elsewhere. This job I did 2 evenings a week plus Sunday mornings.

As you can see none of these jobs were similar (except maybe the tea making). I worked with different age group and did different things are that really taught me a lot and I grew socially as well as professionally. It also taught me the value of money and hard work.

kimmyBut now as my teenage daughter Kim looks forward to her 16th birthday, I keep asking myself if working is going to be good for her. She is currently preparing for her GCSEs and I can see how hard she is working. She loves hockey and plays on the weekends. She has big dream when it comes to hockey and this I am beyond happy about.

Working at this age will teach her good budgeting which is essential for her future. During my time in uni, I never found the need of loans since I lived within my budget. This everyone needs to learn before they move out.

These days we see children living with their parents longer than before. So this makes me unsure of whether she needs to learn this yet. But on the other hand, I want her to learn how hard it is to earn money on your own.
And then there is the question of her social life. She also needs to have fun and make memories with friends. At this specific point in time, her balance between studies, social life and passions is perfect. I feel like a job will disrupt this balance.

Still undecided on the matter but however, please share what is your opinion on the subject and when did you get your first job?

What Jobs Do You Pay Someone Else To Do?

So I was a teacher but I quit my job because I wanted to give my family more attention and time. Yes, our finances have been affected due to this big decision but I can give more to the family and this makes my home a much happier place. I am there for my children and all there big moments. Just the other day my kid had his sports day and I had a free schedule to go watch him participate.

So I marked the A level exams which not all teachers are particularly thrilled about. Marking sessions are held over the weekend and that too evenings. This means none family time over the weekend. I always thought I would be done with the task within school hours and let’s not talk about how that worked out. Anyway, on the brighter side I had a full pocket for the summer.

But when the task is at hand, I strongly feel sometimes that I should delegate it. It’s time consuming and not worth it. Confused? Let me explain. This blog for example, I love writing and thanks to internet job opportunities I could possibly make a living of it. If any changes to the theme or layout had to be made, instead of investing that time in this, I would hire someone to do it for me.

Are you thinking how someone thrifty like me would pay someone for a task I can do? Its not about the money but the most smartest option.

Yes, doing some of this work can be cost effective. See, if I saved up all those little tasks or DIY projects for my husband to do at home over the weekend, it would definitely help me save, but at what cost? Not have relaxed over the weekend or spent quality family time just means more stress for him when Monday comes knocking at the door. So I prefer making a list of all these things and have a handyman come over take care of these.
If some task requires investing time but it disrupts your schedule and plans, then I prefer paying someone else to do it. After all, life isn’t all about money.

A Teen Retreat

Every house needs a sanctuary. You could build you safe haven in your very home if you have an extra room. If not safe haven, then think of it like an ‘escape’ and God knows every mom needs one once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is fulfilling but sometimes we all need a good cry.

Coming back to the escape room let’s call it. If you have a shed or a garden room, you could go crazy designing it and doing our own interior. Just let your creativity and imagination go wild.

Every mum has been a teenager once. No matter how long it has been but we all remember the hardships of being somewhere between a child and an adult. My escape room/shed is being designed for my teenage daughter and her friends. Teenage girls need a space where they can feel secure and have a peaceful environment. My shed is going to be just that. Somewhere my Kim can do her homework without being disturbed by Ella, hang out with her friends or just spent time with herself listening to music and her thoughts. Essential for this shed is positivity. Just the other day I received a cushion from an event which has an amazing inscription on it; it says ‘she believed she could so she did’.

As a teacher I am always looking to make life easy for teenagers and I believe the younger generation needs some space from time to time. This shed is going to be perfect for Kim and her friends. This year they are going to take their GCSEs and they need some place to study all the while maintain their hobbies and interests. The room has some calming grays and yellows. The room also needs to be trendy for their like.

My Kids Retreat

                      My Kids Retreat

The rug in the shed stole my heart. Although I designed this room with Kim and her privacy spot in mind, but I intend to pop in here during the mornings away from the laptop and enjoy some peace, quiet and a cup of coffee. Ah, the good things of life.

Charity Shop Gold

If you are well familiar with my blog then the one word you could describe me in is ‘thrifty’. Well, at least I wear it proudly. Sometimes you can score some real bargains at some charity shops if you pay attention and shop real hard. Just recently when we were going away for the weekend, I went by to the store to get some snacks but I hit the jackpot.

My Guilty Pleasure!

                               My Guilty Pleasure!

A skin care set caught my eye first. They were Ren products which guarantee quality and also has big numbers on the price tag *sigh*. I saw the Flash rinse minute facial which is priced at £32 originally for a 75ml bottle. This one was 50ml. The other product that I found was Huile prodigieuse which is originally priced at £21. Guess how much I got the couple of products for? Just half a pound!! Like I said, jackpot! These were oil based products, just how I prefer for my hair and face.

And the winning shopping spree doesn’t end there. Next I found the Rio Pro 12 slim gym. Well, yes I do believe physical exercise is necessary and toning my body by simply laying back on the couch isn’t happening. But the truth is I really want to try one. Im not going to fully rely on the slim gym alone, I will eat healthy, reduce my drinking and get some physical exercise too. Really want to go back to being a size 12. So here I am with something I have wanted to try in my hands and I quickly decided on a quality inspection. I opened the box to check and most of the stuff seemed unused. The pads were sealed and the leads tied together and tags still intact. I almost left it there not having faith in the promised results but then I Googled the make and style to find out the original price. Its current price is a £100 but today for me it was for *drum roll please* £5. That’s a pretty sweet bargain, don’t you think?

The weekend away had a lot of walking included so hopefully I have my head start to toning and getting back in shape. I went through the manual and there are 12 different programmes on his thing. I will use this for a couple of weeks and share the results.

And as for the successful shopping spree, I walked out the store a happy bunny having spent just £5.50.

Saving Money On A Mini Break

Let me just say this. Being thrifty is not a crime, okay? So we had a nice weekend at Butlins this week but this doesn’t mean I do not have a way to cut short of costs on a short trip.


So it was a break, a break from our daily life routine. So we got premium dining which means stacked plates at breakfast which could sum up to be a whole day’s food. But nonetheless, we were found devouring an all-you-can-eat buffet at dinner. The ice cream was the children’s favorite.

So hotel mini bars are a rip off, am I right? So to save on that, I packed wine, beer and squash. So a warm evening in the balcony with a couple of drinks was truly wondrous.

This time my husband and I decided to give the kids a holiday allowance. So we didn’t have them asking for money everyday plus they got to learn how to budget. Ella got herself a bubble gun, Kim made trips to Costa and Tyler, my sweet little Tyler, saved his allowance.

So tell me what you think about these cost cutting ideas and what is your method of saving up on a short trip?

How I Got £110 Worth Of Food For Under £8.50

teco-savingsGrocery prices and kids (and ours) cravings and demands are increasing by the day. People suggest making grocery lists and checking the pantry before going to the supermarket but that’s not so effective. I personally shop at Tesco and buy foods that are at reduced prices.

Usually I do the grocery shopping with my husband on Sunday mornings if need be. But now I go at 3 pm because the local Tesco mart brings out the products that need to be sold the same day on a reduced price. The reduction can be up to 10% of the original price. Usually there is a specific area where the reduced food will be shelved. At the Tesco I shop, there are three. First the fruits and vegetables are come out on a reduced price. Next the meat and ready meals. And lastly, the bakery section.

You can make some serious savings in the meat section if you are a non-veg that is and really love the sizzle of the grill. Fruits can be used into different shapes; smoothies or desserts. Bakery items; who doesn’t love them.

You will not believe what I am about to tell you next. I went to Tesco yesterday and got groceries worth £110 in just £8.50. Did you just faint sister? So moral of the story, shop hard and smart. Hard and smart!

Free Tennis Sessions

The idea of getting some physical exercise, fresh air and fun all at the cost near to zero sounds interesting to anyone else? Not going to lie but I like to have fun that goes easy on the pockets and luckily my kids like to play tennis. There are outdoor courts in our park which is only a couple of minutes away from my house or there is the local tennis centre.

Your child could be the next tennis star! :)

Your child could be the next tennis star! :)


Tennis is a great way to get some exercise and it is also an activity that the whole family can do together. Dan and I love it too and we play alongside the children. Kim has played for her school team and Tyler loves it too.

You will find more blogs by me on how to save of pricey gym memberships and still get some routine workout too. This is an ideal way and also you can have so much fun as a family. Also this is a great way to find out your children’s capabilities and where their interests lie. Trying such activities has been really productive. Yes, they have also disliked some sport but they also found some they enjoyed and were rather good at.

Just the other day I took my youngest, Ella and my son, Tyler to the water and I was delighted to see how much Tyler loved sailing. His confidence built in minutes and I was swelling with pride. On the other hand, Kim is trying a whole range of sports at school. She went caving but did not like it. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t, I am just happy that she decided after giving it a shot.

Recently on a holiday, Tyler said he wanted to try tennis so I booked him a 30 minutes session with a coach. There he was learning how to serve and rally while his face dripped with sweat under the scorching sun. He now puts these to use while playing with his sister.

Not going to lie, his hard work and determination coupled with the tolerance of heat he showed left me awestruck. After the session he was quick to decide that he wanted to try out for the secondary school tennis club. It’s not like I am pushing my kid to be a Wimbledon star or anything, but joining the tennis club in school will help him make new friends and socialize since he is kind of quiet. His confidence will grow too and these are the things that you need in life.