Benefits Of Buying A New Or Used Car

oldvsnewLooking to purchase a car but can’t decide on buying a used or new? There are important factors that need to be considered and of course then there are your own wants. I mean if you are going to buy a ride, you better love it, eh?

So without further delay, let’s discuss the benefits of purchasing cars, both new and used.

Benefits of Buying a Brand New Car

1. Reduced maintenance cost

It is common knowledge that anything mechanic needs to be used with care and has to be maintained. A brand new car will have significantly less maintenance cost for several thousand miles and you can maintain its condition as per your choice. If any maintenance costs comes up it is likely to be very minimal, for example an oil change or tune-up. Another thing to look for is whether your car manufacturer provides after sale maintenance services as it is now becoming a common trend.

2. Warranty

Warranty is value for money and everybody wants one when making a big (or small) purchase. It could last up to 36 months or even longer. If you have warranty for your car, then any repairs or replacements will be borne by the manufacturer or the dealership.

3. Roadside assistance

If you warranty is valid and the car breaks down somewhere on the road, then roadside assistance will come to your rescue. Sometimes the manufacturers will also reimburse or pay for an emergency transport if this unhappy incident happens somewhere far from home.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

1. Flexibility in price.

On a visit to a local dealership, you will find pre-owned cars and a wide range too. This means if your budget it low, do not despair because you will certainly find something that you can afford. Also, local dealerships are open to negotiations so that means it will go easy on your pockets. You wouldn’t believe but a used car and a new car has about a £10,000 difference.

2. Variety

Like I said wide range. You can buy any car be it a 2005 Jeep Wrangler or a 1979 Mustang Turbo, I’m sure you will find something according to your likes that will be in your budget.

3. Certified pre-owned programs

Used cars can cost up to 30% less with almost the same performance. Some affiliated dealerships also offer late model used cars with the balance of the initial warranty.

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