Should 15/16 Year Olds Work?

As a mother, we are all worries when it comes to our children’s future. So naturally a career and education are huge parts. But recently, I have been solely thinking if teenagers should have jobs. I remember when I was in my early teens I worked Saturdays at a cafe for £2.20 per hour. At the end of the day, I felt like the richest person on the planet (excuse this, I was young and naive).

Anyway, my best friend did the job with me and when we would get our pay, we would celebrate by going to Top Shop and spoiling ourselves. Good old day, eh? Although I had hobbies which were not compromised. I still played hockey over the weekends.

The second job was basic admin work at a family friend’s garage. Besides the admin, I made litres of tea for everyone. My biggest responsibility at that job was doing audit work. I’ll be honest here- I didn’t understand the nuts and bolts and other car parts so there is a chance the stock count wasn’t accurate. But everything was well organized so all’s well when it ends well.

Before I started at university, I had one more job which I particularly loved more. I was working at a care home and my job was to make tea for everyone after the chef was off-duty. I made friends with a few old people and liked working there more than elsewhere. This job I did 2 evenings a week plus Sunday mornings.

As you can see none of these jobs were similar (except maybe the tea making). I worked with different age group and did different things are that really taught me a lot and I grew socially as well as professionally. It also taught me the value of money and hard work.

kimmyBut now as my teenage daughter Kim looks forward to her 16th birthday, I keep asking myself if working is going to be good for her. She is currently preparing for her GCSEs and I can see how hard she is working. She loves hockey and plays on the weekends. She has big dream when it comes to hockey and this I am beyond happy about.

Working at this age will teach her good budgeting which is essential for her future. During my time in uni, I never found the need of loans since I lived within my budget. This everyone needs to learn before they move out.

These days we see children living with their parents longer than before. So this makes me unsure of whether she needs to learn this yet. But on the other hand, I want her to learn how hard it is to earn money on your own.
And then there is the question of her social life. She also needs to have fun and make memories with friends. At this specific point in time, her balance between studies, social life and passions is perfect. I feel like a job will disrupt this balance.

Still undecided on the matter but however, please share what is your opinion on the subject and when did you get your first job?

A Teen Retreat

Every house needs a sanctuary. You could build you safe haven in your very home if you have an extra room. If not safe haven, then think of it like an ‘escape’ and God knows every mom needs one once in a while. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is fulfilling but sometimes we all need a good cry.

Coming back to the escape room let’s call it. If you have a shed or a garden room, you could go crazy designing it and doing our own interior. Just let your creativity and imagination go wild.

Every mum has been a teenager once. No matter how long it has been but we all remember the hardships of being somewhere between a child and an adult. My escape room/shed is being designed for my teenage daughter and her friends. Teenage girls need a space where they can feel secure and have a peaceful environment. My shed is going to be just that. Somewhere my Kim can do her homework without being disturbed by Ella, hang out with her friends or just spent time with herself listening to music and her thoughts. Essential for this shed is positivity. Just the other day I received a cushion from an event which has an amazing inscription on it; it says ‘she believed she could so she did’.

As a teacher I am always looking to make life easy for teenagers and I believe the younger generation needs some space from time to time. This shed is going to be perfect for Kim and her friends. This year they are going to take their GCSEs and they need some place to study all the while maintain their hobbies and interests. The room has some calming grays and yellows. The room also needs to be trendy for their like.

My Kids Retreat

                      My Kids Retreat

The rug in the shed stole my heart. Although I designed this room with Kim and her privacy spot in mind, but I intend to pop in here during the mornings away from the laptop and enjoy some peace, quiet and a cup of coffee. Ah, the good things of life.