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If you are well familiar with my blog then the one word you could describe me in is ‘thrifty’. Well, at least I wear it proudly. Sometimes you can score some real bargains at some charity shops if you pay attention and shop real hard. Just recently when we were going away for the weekend, I went by to the store to get some snacks but I hit the jackpot.

My Guilty Pleasure!

                               My Guilty Pleasure!

A skin care set caught my eye first. They were Ren products which guarantee quality and also has big numbers on the price tag *sigh*. I saw the Flash rinse minute facial which is priced at £32 originally for a 75ml bottle. This one was 50ml. The other product that I found was Huile prodigieuse which is originally priced at £21. Guess how much I got the couple of products for? Just half a pound!! Like I said, jackpot! These were oil based products, just how I prefer for my hair and face.

And the winning shopping spree doesn’t end there. Next I found the Rio Pro 12 slim gym. Well, yes I do believe physical exercise is necessary and toning my body by simply laying back on the couch isn’t happening. But the truth is I really want to try one. Im not going to fully rely on the slim gym alone, I will eat healthy, reduce my drinking and get some physical exercise too. Really want to go back to being a size 12. So here I am with something I have wanted to try in my hands and I quickly decided on a quality inspection. I opened the box to check and most of the stuff seemed unused. The pads were sealed and the leads tied together and tags still intact. I almost left it there not having faith in the promised results but then I Googled the make and style to find out the original price. Its current price is a £100 but today for me it was for *drum roll please* £5. That’s a pretty sweet bargain, don’t you think?

The weekend away had a lot of walking included so hopefully I have my head start to toning and getting back in shape. I went through the manual and there are 12 different programmes on his thing. I will use this for a couple of weeks and share the results.

And as for the successful shopping spree, I walked out the store a happy bunny having spent just £5.50.

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