Free Finds This Week!

Exams can be hard on kids and the constant studying can pretty much drive them over the edge. So since Kim has been a good girl preparing for GCSE’s like her life depends on it (well, it does), I decided to give her a little break and spend a girls day out. And the frugal that I am, we went out looking for free stuff. The first stop was a few department stores and inquiring about any new products and asking for their samples.

Happy news is that for the whole month of May, Benefit offers a full size gimme brow for free if you get your eyebrows shaped there. Shaping your brows costs £12.50 and the free deal is worth £18.50. So I got my brows done there and booked in Kim for next week; we didn’t want Benefit to run out of free samples before the offer ends.

Next we popped in Clinque and I asked for foundation samples for Kim. I asked for something that would give her a light coverage and since her birthday wasn’t far, she wanted to find something that would suit her. Kim got a makeover (well, almost-makeover) and made a list of products she liked. We also got a sample of foundation which could last a week.


And the last stop was Body Shop where we got a BB cream. Upon purchasing the reward card which costs £4, we got a free eye cream that’s worth £7. Moreover, I get £5 worth of products on my birthday and 10% discount throughout the year. Not bad, huh?

We wrapped up the day with a visit to Costa and goes without saying we collected reward points and Kim is big on those for the summer.

It was a day well spent, easy on the pocket, fun and also free stuff! So let me know about your frugal tips on a day out shopping.

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