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The idea of getting some physical exercise, fresh air and fun all at the cost near to zero sounds interesting to anyone else? Not going to lie but I like to have fun that goes easy on the pockets and luckily my kids like to play tennis. There are outdoor courts in our park which is only a couple of minutes away from my house or there is the local tennis centre.

Your child could be the next tennis star! :)

Your child could be the next tennis star! :)


Tennis is a great way to get some exercise and it is also an activity that the whole family can do together. Dan and I love it too and we play alongside the children. Kim has played for her school team and Tyler loves it too.

You will find more blogs by me on how to save of pricey gym memberships and still get some routine workout too. This is an ideal way and also you can have so much fun as a family. Also this is a great way to find out your children’s capabilities and where their interests lie. Trying such activities has been really productive. Yes, they have also disliked some sport but they also found some they enjoyed and were rather good at.

Just the other day I took my youngest, Ella and my son, Tyler to the water and I was delighted to see how much Tyler loved sailing. His confidence built in minutes and I was swelling with pride. On the other hand, Kim is trying a whole range of sports at school. She went caving but did not like it. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t, I am just happy that she decided after giving it a shot.

Recently on a holiday, Tyler said he wanted to try tennis so I booked him a 30 minutes session with a coach. There he was learning how to serve and rally while his face dripped with sweat under the scorching sun. He now puts these to use while playing with his sister.

Not going to lie, his hard work and determination coupled with the tolerance of heat he showed left me awestruck. After the session he was quick to decide that he wanted to try out for the secondary school tennis club. It’s not like I am pushing my kid to be a Wimbledon star or anything, but joining the tennis club in school will help him make new friends and socialize since he is kind of quiet. His confidence will grow too and these are the things that you need in life.

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