How I Got £110 Worth Of Food For Under £8.50

teco-savingsGrocery prices and kids (and ours) cravings and demands are increasing by the day. People suggest making grocery lists and checking the pantry before going to the supermarket but that’s not so effective. I personally shop at Tesco and buy foods that are at reduced prices.

Usually I do the grocery shopping with my husband on Sunday mornings if need be. But now I go at 3 pm because the local Tesco mart brings out the products that need to be sold the same day on a reduced price. The reduction can be up to 10% of the original price. Usually there is a specific area where the reduced food will be shelved. At the Tesco I shop, there are three. First the fruits and vegetables are come out on a reduced price. Next the meat and ready meals. And lastly, the bakery section.

You can make some serious savings in the meat section if you are a non-veg that is and really love the sizzle of the grill. Fruits can be used into different shapes; smoothies or desserts. Bakery items; who doesn’t love them.

You will not believe what I am about to tell you next. I went to Tesco yesterday and got groceries worth £110 in just £8.50. Did you just faint sister? So moral of the story, shop hard and smart. Hard and smart!

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