How I Saved This Week!

savedthisweekI use to shop to my heart’s content and spoil myself rotten. Well that was when I was a teacher and not a freelancer. Ever since the shift, impulse purchases had to be cut back to nil and necessities had to be controlled and moderated (yay adulthood). But the thing is now that I am a stay-at-home mom, having quit my day job; I do not want my children to think of me differently. I made the decision to be home and available for them.

So if you know me by now and how I have had to change, my new mantra is to get more value for money than spent. And since my schedule has opened up, I have time to find all the alternatives and cost cutting ideas I want. One ideal way is to look for deals in different stores. So anyway, let’s look at how I saved up this week alone.

1. I went to a charity shop and found this fabulous denim skirt from Warehouse. It was priced at £4.50 and the retail price for a new one could easily be £25. Awesome save, eh?

2. Ever got to a restaurant for an eat out and do not think the cleanliness standards are up to the mark? Next time, do not simply ignore it and avoid visiting it again. I sent an email to a department store and shared my concerns. They soon refunded me for the disappointment.

3. You know one of those mystery shops? Yeah, I did one of those and got free shampoo in return and also got paid for answering their questionnaire.

4. This one is tedious. I sorted out Ella’s wardrobe and the time taken was worth it. Usually I give the stuff to charity but if I come across any designer clothes, then I take it to Ebay and sell them. If it doesn’t sell, then charity shop it is.

I know it probably doesn’t sound like much but I did save £45 and anything I get from the Ebay sell. All this without calculating the Tesco 7pm bargain!

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