Saving Money On A Mini Break

Let me just say this. Being thrifty is not a crime, okay? So we had a nice weekend at Butlins this week but this doesn’t mean I do not have a way to cut short of costs on a short trip.


So it was a break, a break from our daily life routine. So we got premium dining which means stacked plates at breakfast which could sum up to be a whole day’s food. But nonetheless, we were found devouring an all-you-can-eat buffet at dinner. The ice cream was the children’s favorite.

So hotel mini bars are a rip off, am I right? So to save on that, I packed wine, beer and squash. So a warm evening in the balcony with a couple of drinks was truly wondrous.

This time my husband and I decided to give the kids a holiday allowance. So we didn’t have them asking for money everyday plus they got to learn how to budget. Ella got herself a bubble gun, Kim made trips to Costa and Tyler, my sweet little Tyler, saved his allowance.

So tell me what you think about these cost cutting ideas and what is your method of saving up on a short trip?

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