What Jobs Do You Pay Someone Else To Do?

So I was a teacher but I quit my job because I wanted to give my family more attention and time. Yes, our finances have been affected due to this big decision but I can give more to the family and this makes my home a much happier place. I am there for my children and all there big moments. Just the other day my kid had his sports day and I had a free schedule to go watch him participate.

So I marked the A level exams which not all teachers are particularly thrilled about. Marking sessions are held over the weekend and that too evenings. This means none family time over the weekend. I always thought I would be done with the task within school hours and let’s not talk about how that worked out. Anyway, on the brighter side I had a full pocket for the summer.

But when the task is at hand, I strongly feel sometimes that I should delegate it. It’s time consuming and not worth it. Confused? Let me explain. This blog for example, I love writing and thanks to internet job opportunities I could possibly make a living of it. If any changes to the theme or layout had to be made, instead of investing that time in this, I would hire someone to do it for me.

Are you thinking how someone thrifty like me would pay someone for a task I can do? Its not about the money but the most smartest option.

Yes, doing some of this work can be cost effective. See, if I saved up all those little tasks or DIY projects for my husband to do at home over the weekend, it would definitely help me save, but at what cost? Not have relaxed over the weekend or spent quality family time just means more stress for him when Monday comes knocking at the door. So I prefer making a list of all these things and have a handyman come over take care of these.
If some task requires investing time but it disrupts your schedule and plans, then I prefer paying someone else to do it. After all, life isn’t all about money.

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